Personal note, to remember the existence of Ubuntu Mini. I usually think of Ubuntu Server as being the minimal installation, but Mini includes Server Edition as one of the extra package collections to add during installation. It’s a netboot, which means that the .iso you download is just enough ubuntu to then download the rest from ‘the cloud’.

This netboot image, at least the 18.04 edition, is 64MB. Once installed, the disk usage is 2.0GB. By comparison, a fresh installation of Ubuntu Server 18.04 is 3.6GB, and the install disk is 173MB (the corresponding 20.04 disk is 945MB…not sure what happened there). Only thing I added in each case is the SSH server.

I’d hoped the final installation would clock in at a fraction of a GB, but oh-well. I’m thinking of checking out Alpine Linux next to crack that barrier.