Check the status of the firewall:

ufw status

Turn the firewall on, off, or restart it. Use the --dry-run option to see what happens before you do it for real.

ufw [--dry-run] enable|disable|reload

Users can specify rules using either a simple syntax or a full syntax. The simple syntax only specifies the port and optionally the protocol to be allowed or denied on the host.

Both syntaxes support specifying a comment for the rule. For existing rules, specifying a different comment updates the comment and specifying ‘’ removes the comment.

ufw allow 22 comment 'ssh should be on by default'

simple syntax

This rule will allow tcp and udp port 53 to any address on this host:

ufw allow 53

To specify a protocol, append ‘/protocol’ to the port. For example:

ufw allow 25/tcp

This will allow tcp port 25 to any address on this host. ufw will also check /etc/services for the port and protocol if specifying a service by name. Eg:

ufw allow smtp

ufw supports both ingress and egress filtering and users may optionally specify a direction of either in or out for either incoming or outgoing traffic. If no direction is supplied, the rule applies to incoming traffic. Eg:

ufw allow in http
ufw reject out smtp
ufw reject telnet comment 'telnet is unencrypted'

full syntax

Users can also use a fuller syntax, specifying the source and destination addresses and ports.

sudo ufw allow from <target ip address> to <destination ip address> port <port number> proto <protocol name>

For example:

ufw deny proto tcp to any port 80

This will deny all traffic to tcp port 80 on this host. Another example:

ufw deny proto tcp from to port 25

This will deny all traffic from the RFC1918 Class A network to tcp port 25 with the address

ufw deny proto tcp from 2001:db8::/32 to any port 25

This will deny all traffic from the IPv6 2001:db8::/32 to tcp port 25 on this host. IPv6 must be enabled in /etc/default/ufw for IPv6 firewalling to work.

ufw deny in on eth0 to proto igmp

This will deny all igmp traffic to on the eth0 interface.

ufw allow in on eth0 to proto gre

This will allow all gre traffic to on the eth0 interface.

ufw allow proto tcp from any to any port 80,443,8080:8090 comment 'web app'

The above will allow all traffic to tcp ports 80, 443 and 8080-8090 inclusive and adds a comment for the rule. When specifying multiple ports, the ports list must be numeric, cannot contain spaces and must be modified as a whole. Eg, in the above example you cannot later try to delete just the ‘443’ port. You cannot specify more than 15 ports (ranges count as 2 ports, so the port count in the above example is 4).

Allow traffic from a particular range of IP addresses:

sudo ufw allow from


Nearly everything above was taken straight from man ufw, with one exception. The first full syntax example was found online because the man pages didn’t make it clear what proto meant. Super confusing.