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This blog attempts to be the sort of resource I find most helpful: intended for people who are way out of their depth, know very little about the subject matter and will probably break things, but still want to forge ahead with their cool project. I consider this an evolving whole, and reserve the right to edit and improve old posts whenever I feel like it.

General Philosophy, To Be Inflicted Wherever Possible

“A program is generally exponentially complicated by the number of notions that it invents for itself. To reduce this complication to a minimum, you have to make the number of notions zero or one, which are two numbers that can be raised to any power without disturbing this concept. Since you cannot achieve much with zero notions, it is my belief that you should base systems on a single notion.” - Ken Thompson

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Historical Note

This site was transferred from Google Blogger, so the oldest pages are html and have a slightly different style. See here. The newer ones are written in markdown and (I think) tend to look better.


I’m totally not responsible for anything. The opinons given here are irrelevant. The walkthroughs are going to break your system, and all the links are broken, except the ones that host viruses. If you quote me on something, I’ll probably change my mind.

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